Here, the painting acts. While it is carrying out, the painting reveals its own process. To sculpt through diluted inks. The traces of brushes: balance and substance in the twirl of gestures. The “breathing” of the canvas, now distributes, then concentrates recesses: polychrome, blacks, whites, and greys are always efficient in the light restraint. The issues of contemporary painting have voices, and present themselves.

The motivation comes directly from the life scene we have: the relation between the person upon the nature or the culture. The scale is public, as the immersive space of the city. The desire is to experiment everything and everyone. The externality of life points to the expansion, the multifocal, diversities and technologies.The tension between the origin in the countryside and development in megalopolis is the cause of the creative process. The multidisciplinary intellectual and artistic environment of the background is existential themes.

To all who are affected by the art, the experience proposed by the creation is the generation of visual and plastic energy. An immersive visuality, the painting as a place to the whole being expression. Like an object, the canvas is the historic surface of painting, endowed with undeniable physicality. The public dimension confirms links with the contemporary life (large formats), as well as the structural crack, and the diffuse and tonal chromatism attracts, disturbs and provokes by an operation to suggest “non-differentiation”.

The canvas, in large, medium, and small formats could be presented in freely combinations of number and forms, according to the place of exhibition (site specific works).