Rosane Franco

Rosane Franco

We are all swallowed by forms and colours, which emerge from the artworks by Rosane Franco.

Even in tiny format pieces, we are swallowed by the power of a representation, which is there… engulfed… ready to pop up, and to drain us. This overjoy ability, carried in the small canvas, is only possible with strong personality and tireless practice. Vermeer shows us this.

Blacks, or plenty of colours, the impact happens in the way of inner catch inside the works. There are eyes, which clearly stare us. There are others eyes, we have to find observing the artwork inch by inch.
This same force we have in names such: Pollock, De Kooning, Basquiat, Lee Krasner, and Franz Kline. The passion in doing.

Rosane takes us by hand to trail this adventure into this partially savage way of see her production.

Fátima Magalhães, 2017

Drums Orchestra

“Surrender yourself, as I have surrendered myself. Plunge into what you do not know, as I have plunged myself. Do not be worried to understand, to live surpass any understanding.” Clarice Lispector To think about the work of Rosane is something, which we cannot put apart her statement in the environment of her work. We are dealing with both intensity and surface. To take her position as a painter is an act of guerrilla, a kind of performance. Rosane acts on her pieces. Uncertain and firm brushes, defined colours, inscribed mixes. Her works search for a power in each single colour she uses on it. As the canvas and the paint are connected, is what bringing us herself as an artist. Rosane reinforces at her practice the paths of painting. Reinforces her importance, reinforces her reality, reinforces… She does without subtlety, she underlines the contrasts, underlines the figures, without maximize the figuration. The outlines, the brushes, are gestures of force. They are notes of decision. On the artistic digression, I am able to link Rosane to music. She would be the orchestra made only with drums, which operates everything to a clocked up rhythm, producing music of command from the body compass. Otherwise, it is in the intersection of been compass, almost into the silence, she would be, perhaps, even before of the non-compass, which the Rosane’s work lives and makes possible to live. She does not allow the silence, but she takes it along. Her series, multiples, the single canvas are transformed along, and with the time. Keyna Eleison, 2018 "Even to cut the own defects could be dangerous. We never know which is the defect, that sustains our entire building." Clarice Lispector


| CV |

Plastic artist, born in Macaé/RJ, lives and works between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro

| Solo Shows |

| 2014 | RAF" - EDF Eletrecité de France - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
| 2012 | As Máscaras e Faces de Rosane Franco" - Espaço Ipiranga - Macaé, RJ
| 2012 | RAF - EDF Eletrecité de France - Macaé, RJ

| Group Shows |

| 2019 | Antigo mercado de Xabregas - Lisboa
| 2016 | Tamanho P - Galeria Trópica - RJ
| 2016 | Interlignes - La Galerie - França
| 2015 | Trez - Galeria Trópica - RJ
| 2015 | Variations - La Galerie - França
| 2014 | Dsix - La Galerie - França
| 2014 | Mais+ - Espaço 00 - RJ
| 2013 | Neo-Contemporâneo - Galeria TAC - RJ
| 2013 | Neo - Galpão TAC - RJ
| 2011 | Fuzuê" - Largo das Artes - RJ

| Collections |

José Otávio Montesanti
José Élcio dos Santos Monteze
Leonardo Amarante

| Art Courses |

| 2018/2019 | Ateliê Experimental Anna Lima- SNBA - Lisboa
| 2018/2020 | Ar.Co - Centro de arte e comunicação Lisboa
| 2017 | Charles Watson - Processo Criativo - Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
| 2006/2016 | Ronaldo Macedo - A Arte da Pintura - Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
| 2015 | Paulo Sergio Duarte - Giotto - Faculdades Candido Mendes
| 2006/2012 | David Cury - Antiformas de intervenção - (EAV)

| Study Groups |

| 2016/2017 | Keyna Eleison - RJ
| 2015/2016 | Daniela Labra - RJ
| 2015 | Marcelo Campos - RJ
| 2009 | Reynaldo Roels - RJ


| 2017 | Agnaldo Farias - "O Vidro, A Era Moderna e a Contemporaneidade" - RJ
| 2017 | Keyna Eleison - "Pensar Arte" - Secretario, RJ

| Artistic Residence |

| 2019/Julho | Residência artística no teatro São Carlos - Lisboa
| 2016/Junho-Julho | Saint Veran - Provence, França

| Studio |

R. Hermenegildo de Barros, 9 - 702
Glória - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
+55 21 99985 1415 | +351 910 819 629